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The attorneys at TW are personable, approachable, courteous and down-to-earth. We know that you may be experiencing situations you’ve never been through before. We know that you are probably experiencing the new language of “legalese.” We also know that these situations can be extremely stressful, even if it is something wonderful, like buying a house. Therefore, when you have a question, we take the time to explain things in plain, understandable English and treat you with compassion and respect. Our goal is to make your experience with the legal process, if not stress-free, at least less stressful.

When dealing with an opposing party or lawyer, we are collegial, but we are firm and resolute. Although it is our goal to minimize conflict to the extent possible, we will not hesitate to make a stand for you when it is appropriate. You are our primary concern. Our team of experienced litigators will actively pursue your rights using the methods we believe will achieve the best long-terms results. Our professional staff members are vital to our work. We take great pride in them and they are fully integrated into our team approach.

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If you need to speak with a lawyer at TW about a personal or corporate legal matter, please contact us. Our office is located in downtown Athens.


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