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Nobody particularly wants to think about estate planning. It, by its terms, means someone’s demise is at the center, either your own or that of a loved one. Either way, it can seem depressing and overwhelming. That said, it needs to be stated that -- having no plan is NOT an effective plan. In some cases, it can be disastrous.

Intestacy (dying without a will in place) can cause a parent to have joint ownership of property with a minor child, requiring court permission to sell or refinance the family home or it can remove a person from eligibility for state or federal benefits. Each situation is different. A basic estate plan is essential for the protection of every family.

It is our goal to make the process of estate planning as painless as possible. Our attorneys have years of experience and have seen almost every situation imaginable. Sometimes it is helpful to hear how others may have addressed a similar issue in the past.

At TW we will take the time to listen to your goals, understand your family structures, and answer questions. Once we have a complete picture of your needs, we will prepare an estate plan to achieve these goals.

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