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Probate can be intimidating.  The attorneys at TW know that this can be an extremely emotional time.  At TW, we can help you navigate the probate process in a timely manner, often with relative simplicity and expense.  Our experience will enable you to proceed with confidence that the estate is being probated correctly, ensuring that all the necessary legal notifications are completed.

In Georgia, if a person dies owning property, his or her estate needs to be probated. This is a process in which either a person’s will is deemed to be valid and the personal representative is sworn in to execute the provisions of the will or when a person dies without a will, a person is appointed by the court to gather all of the assets, pay all of the bills, and distribute the remainder to that person’s heirs at law.

If you have had a death in your family, call us. We can help.  The probate lawyers at TW are experienced, understanding and compassionate.  We strive to make the business aspect of probate as seamless as possible so that you will not have to be worried about “legal technicalities”.

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