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Estate Planning & Probate Overview

Your will is your instructions for how you want your property to be distributed at the time of your death.  It is a special document personal to you.  Your will contains your wishes to provide for your family and reflects your individual desires.  A properly prepared will can

  • Avoid unnecessary estate taxes 
  • Transfer your property smoothly to your intended recipients 
  • Protect children with special needs 
  • Preserve wealth for future generations 
  • Avoid unnecessary family conflicts 
  • Provide for charitable giving at your death


A trust is to protect and preserve assets for a variety of purposes.  A Trust is not for everyone.  At TW, we know trusts can be extremely useful in the proper circumstance. For instance, a trust can be used to protect the assets of minor children, plan for Medicaid eligibility, care for aging parents who may be suffering with a mentally-disabling illness, or to help financially care for a person with special needs.  Our goal at TW is to prepare trusts and other documents to meet your needs.


  • An advanced directive or living will is prepared for the possibility of severe illness or incapacity
  • Powers of attorney allow others to handle your financial affairs when you are not able to do so yourself.

Whether you are incredibly organized and know exactly what you want to do, but need your desires translated into a legally effective plan or if you know that you need to address these issues, but simply have no idea where to start, the experienced attorneys at TW can help. If you need experienced legal representation for your estate planning needs, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with TW.

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